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The podcast where two high school students in the silicon valley talk about things that need to be talked about.

Two to five minute episodes. So you can listen in the car. Or out of the car.

We know you're busy. We are too. So we decided to make bite sized episodes that are informative, elegant, and guaranteed to improve your day. Enjoy.


We can't cover everything in our podcast. The number one reason we created Valley Guys was to spread stories that deserve to be heard. Check out Stories, a page where we publish inspiring and thought-provoking tales which we believe can be learned from. Read on.

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Who we are.

Hey. Our names are Sohan and Kayshav and we'll be your hosts. We're both high school students attending Cupertino High School in the Silicon Valley. Kayshav, who moved to the valley from Boston, Masachussetts, just this year was amazed at the cultural difference between the two locations. Sohan, on the other hand, grew up in the valley. Learn a bit more about us.


This podcast is for everybody. No matter at what point you are in your life, you can listen to this podcast. Don't be scared to check it out. Some of the reasons we made this podcast are to educate, to inspire, to explore the valley's unique culture, for the sake of our community, but most of all because we noticed an abundance of stories which we felt deserved to be heard.